episode 27

Insider Secrets from Affiliate World: Dubai


Affiliate World: Dubai was a two-day marketing conference featuring the industry’s brightest minds and newest trends. With more than 6,000 marketers in attendance, there were plenty of high-value tactics and strategies shared. In this episode, Jeremy & Danielle sit down to give their biggest takeaways that you can implement into your own business to start scaling to new levels. Find out the newest insights on leading a team, an all-new pod-structure agency set-up, and how to find what resonates best with your audience on specific mediums. To listen to more episodes, visit www.secretsofmarketers.com

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Episode Show Notes:

  • 1:05 – What is Affiliate World Dubai?
  • 3:03 – Danielle’s Biggest Takeaways
  • 3:45 – Pod Structure Breakdown
  • 7:20 – The Ad Creative Strategy Map
  • 9:22 – Biggest Ad Creative Mistakes Marketers Make
  • 11:10 – Pixels, Targeting, and Media Buying Insights
  • 12:10 – Jeremy’s Biggest Takeaways
  • 12:50 – How are we going to engage the middle of the funnel? Turning your lead generation efforts into HOT BUYER lists
  • 14:40 – How to manage and segment your email list
  • 16:25 – Getting Your Team Focused on KPI’s
  • 17:25 – Why Attention Rate (Not CTR) Matters
  • 19:10 – User Generated Content (UGC)
  • 20:30 – Link UGC Ad from Chris
  • 23:45 – Understanding TikTok (You Can’t Ignore It)
  • 27:15 – Reminiscing on Dubai