episode 28

The Ultimate Webinar Blueprint w/ Erin King


In this episode of Secrets of Marketers, Erin King sits down with Jeremy Blossom & Danielle Korpman to break down how she’s been able to perfect her webinars throughout the years. Learn tactics to keep your audience engaged, keeping that chat box scrolling, and most importantly, generating the conversion at the end of the webinar. If you want to learn how to generate more sales and revenue through webinars, this podcast episode is for you.

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Erin King is the world’s leading digital persuasion expert, having helped clients ranging from The Academy Awards in Hollywood to The U.S. Navy at the Pentagon show up more powerfully from behind the screen. She is the Chief Social Officer of Strikepoint Media, a three-time digital entrepreneur, has been featured in Forbes and the podcast host of SUCCESS Magazine’s “On Your Terms with Erin King”

She’s also the Amazon best-selling author of “Digital Persuasion” and “You’re Kind of a Big Deal”,

0:00 – Beginning

0:50 – Webinar breakdown

2:40 – Infotainment – What is it?

11:05 – Creating an “experience” for your audience

11:45 – How do I persuade someone?

16:39 – The pre-event touch-points

18:49 – The pre-pre-work (unexpected delight)

25:00 – Mapping out the “ride” for your webinar

27:35 – What comes next after “Know, Like, Trust?”

30:30 – Developing your own “style” of tried and true methods

37:50 – The three buckets of stories to tell

45:30 – The most powerful phrase in persuasion

48:00 – Closing the deal

Erin and her offers can be found at www.erinking.com

To listen to more episodes, visit www.secretsofmarketers.com

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