episode 21

Unlocking the ECommerce Code to Conversions


Jeremy interviews Allen Burt this week who is the founder of Blue Stout, an eCommerce Design, Development & Optimization agency. Blue Stout is full of eCommerce strategists, designers, and engineers that turn stores into beautiful high-converting profit machines. As a serial entrepreneur and digital product expert, Allen has led teams in developing stunning web products and brands in industries ranging from fashion to travel that have gained features in such publications such as WIRED and the Los Angeles Times. Tune in to this week’s episode to learn Allen’s strategies on what drives revenue to eCommerce brands, how they improve customer lifetime value, why the order value is so important and much more. Jeremy & Allen dive into email acquisition and go over key strategies every marketer should be implementing to increase open rates and generate more revenue…

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Blue Stout

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Allen Burt gives insight into his Blue Stout and Podcast Lab (1:15)
  • Jeremy and Allen discuss what the environment looks like right now in ECommerce (3:08)
    • Customer Acquisition (4:40)
  • Allen explains what he does to break down some barriers to entry (6:12)
  • Jeremy talks about why knowing your math is very important (8:06)
  • “Where can your clients optimize the most?” (9:16)
    • How to increase order value (9:55)
    • Bundle (10:30)
    • Cross-sales/ Up-sales (10:49)
    • Post Purchase Upsells (11:18)
  • Jeremy describes super customers and how to obtain them (13:00)
  • Allen mentions having different offers for different people depending on how they find your brand (13:54)
  • Jeremy asks how import is lead generation in the ECommerce Space (16:19)
    • Email as a revenue channel (18:02)
  • Discussion on email acquisition (18:26)
  • “What are some of the things going right and wrong in email marketing?” (19:46)
    • The things going wrong (20:21)
    • The things going right (23:56)
  • Jeremy explains what you get from automation sequences (27:22)
  • Allen talks about what he gets from these sequences (28:02)
  • “What email service platform do you use the most?” (30:00)
    • Why? (30:25)
  • Jeremy asks Allen what his first strategies are on competing with Amazon directly (31:43)
  • Allen explains some of the tactics when he’s trying to scale a business (35:37)
  • Jeremy talks about different types of marketers (40:00)
  • “Are you seeing any out of the box strategies right now?” (41:09)
    • Building audiences (43:57)
  • Jeremy asks Allen how he stays inspired (46:48)
  • Parting thoughts
    • How to reach Allen

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