episode 11

How to Sell Anything With a Webinar


Want to sell your products or services online but not sure where to start? In this week’s episode, Jeremy discusses how you can use a webinar to sell ANYTHING online and breaks down his webinar approach from start to finish. Jeremy goes over the big bold promise and major key strategies you need to be implementing into all of your webinars. Tune in to find out how to fix the issues you may be having if you are not generating any sales through your webinars and to learn real examples that millionaire marketers are using to make money online.

Links Mentioned on the Show:

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • What people normally do when selling (1:25)
  • Why webinars are so great (2:14)
    • Webinars are low cost (3:38)
    • Webinars are easy to put together (4:10)
  • Negatives/what to avoid when using webinars 
    • Not selling in those webinars (4:55)
    • Not producing worthwhile material in webinars (5:10)
  • Topic and title of webinars can make or break it (6:25)
  • Ideal webinar length (9:00)
  • Jeremy’s approach to webinars (10:12)
  • “The future place” (17:30)
  • Education Component (19:50)
  • Pro tips on putting together a webinar (22:11)
  • Propose a problem (24:05)
  • The big value proposition (26:10)
    • Stacking (26:50)
  • Drop link and review (29:25)
  • Having two people on your webinar (31:08)
  • Where things can go bad in webinars (32:00)
  • Be unique (33:00)
  • Metrics Jeremy looks for (34:50)
    • What are your numbers? (38:20)
  • Parting thoughts
    • How to reach Jeremy (38:35)