episode 14

Lead Generation in 2019 and Beyond


What if you could sell over and over again through simple effective quality lead generation campaigns? Tune in this week to learn the biggest mistakes people are making with their lead magnets, how to get your customer to give you their contact information, and how to attract quality leads while keeping your cost per lead low. Learn the processes Jeremy uses to generate 200,000+ leads for his clients monthly and everything else you would like to know about lead generation in 2019 and beyond.

Links Mentioned on the Show:

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Describing how important lead generation is (1:39)
  • All about lead magnets (3:25)
    • Why lead generation may not be working as good as it should (4:05)
  • Questions to ask yourself in lead generation (5:17)
  • People sometimes give out bad information (6:43)
  • Competition for lead magnets (7:12)
  • Lead generation doing one of the two big metrics (7:50)
  • Comparing leads generated from different platforms (8:55)
  • Attracting persuadables (10:00)
    • Isolating people with the most interest (11:55)
  • Jeremy’s story on lead generation mishap (12:50)
  • Producing quality lead magnets (16:35)
  • Why lead magnets may not be working for you (17:50)
  • Bump/trip-wire offer (21:20)
    • Generating ROI quicker (23:15)
  • Tools to optimize lead generation (23:56)
  • Where Jeremy often sees a huge miss (25:00)
  • What Agora does (26:27)
  • Numbers to take away (27:07)
  • What to do with people who don’t open your emails (29:20)
  • Purging and cleaning leads with notes (32:14)
  • Being in control of the customer journey (35:50)
  • Parting thoughts