episode 04

5 Tips Millionaire Marketers Use in Their Campaigns


In this weeks episode, Jeremy explains how you can win even when you lose when it comes to building and testing your marketing campaigns. Listen now to learn Jeremy’s 5 major ingredients that you need to implement into all of your campaigns to ensure success.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction: how do millionaire marketers approach a campaign?
  • The phase that gives marketers the most trouble.
  • “You can always win when you lose when it comes to building a marketing campaign..”
  • What should be done before building the campaign? Grab a pen!
    • Who are you targeting?
      • What is cold traffic?
      • Dan Kennedy on ‘pain points’.
      • Write a letter to your brand about who you are.
      • Setting expectations and goals is vital.
    • What is the duration of the campaign?
      • The thousand click test podcast.
      • Determining the purpose of your campaign.
      • S.M.A.R.T.
      • What is the reach of your campaign?
      • The importance of being extremely calculated.
  • What makes a campaign a $1 million blockbuster? (Five ingredients)
    • All great campaigns capture attention.
      • Two big ideas to capture attention.
    • What is the design of your campaign?
      • On how to attract people through design.
    • On how successful marketing campaigns convey value.
      • What is value?
      • “Conveying value should not be on design only.
    • Is your campaign irresistible?
      • Determining whether your campaign is irresistible.
    • Does your campaign compel action?
      • The root of an unsuccessful campaign.
    • Is there a clear direction for the campaign?
      • The multiple-options problem.
  • Parting thoughts.

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