episode 02

The Never-Ending Story: How To Keep Your Customers Engaged


Creating content that someone wants to read every day is something every marketer will struggle with at some point in their career. Here’s Jeremy’s strategy for consistently remaining relevant.

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Full Transcript:

  • Introduction.
  • An important detail marketers must follow.
  • The actions of a customer that pay no attention.
  • What is a never-ending story?
  • One of Jeremy’s favorite ways to create a never-ending story.
  • Example on how to use an existing brand to reel in an already existing demographic.
  • How does incorporating humor help a never-ending story?
  • A recipe for amazing content and how the Kardahian family does it.
  • Why you should have a Burner Email account.
  • Intertwining your never-ending story with another never-ending story.
  • A never-ending story is the DNA of your brand.
  • Parting thoughts.

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