episode 05

The Art Of Conveying Value


The art of conveying value is key when setting up your marketing campaigns for success. Learn Jeremy’s universal truths about conveying value, plus get real-life examples of how he has implemented these truths into campaigns. Jeremy also breaks down how to apply the “Know, Like and Trust” model to all of your marketing strategies and gives away actionable items you can start applying to your marketing campaigns immediately.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction to the idea of conveying.
  • What is value and the rules tied to the concept?
  • Transition to the topic on the “universal things” that people find value in.
  • Example on why trust the key to massive scale?
  • Introduced the value adopted at Strikepoint Media “deposit more than what you withdraw.”
  • Shortlist of universal concepts about conveying value.
    • Save people their time.
    • On an effective value proposition.
    • Is the product or service new?
    • People love fast and easy
    • Why is simplicity important?
    • Reliability must be ensured.
  • What is vanity marketing and how to overcome this hurdle?
  • On the social media success of @jenblossomwellness on Instagram.
  • Signaling value.
  • A resource for anyone learning how to buy traffic.
  • Parting thoughts.

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