episode 06

Todd Brown – On How to Use Education-Based Marketing to Dominate Your Niche


Learn How Millionaire Marketers are using Education-Based Marketing to Dominate their Niche with Legendary Marketer Todd Brown. Todd Brown is the Founder of MarketingFunnelAutomation.com. He’s considered the foremost authority on engineering high-conversion customer acquisition marketing funnels. In this episode, Todd explains his top tactics for differentiating your products and services in the market and dives into his EBM (Education-Based Marketing) model.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction.
  • Todd Brown’s introduction.
  • Three things that everyone must be doing in order to win and succeed.
    • Vitamin supplement example.
  • How to differentiate your product from competitors.
    • Giving a name.
      • How to highlight the product’s purpose.
      • The importance of a title.
      • How to cut through the clutter.
    • Give your customers hope.
      • Tennis shoe example.
      • How it becomes education based.
  • On Jeremy’s shiny object syndrome explanation.
  • “Claims are lame.”
  • Todd’s new car purchase process.
    • How to attract consumers through the customer journey.
    • “You are not in the business of generating leads.”
    • What is the difference between marketing and selling?
  • What is EBM content?
  • Who is your BIGGEST competition?
  • Defining vanity based marketing.
  • How is EBM content marketing?
    • Todd thinks more as a prosecutor. Why?
  • Jeremy explains why clients don’t see what they missed.
    • Why price does not matter.
  • Todd touches on Jeremy’s shiny object syndrome explanation.
  • Parting thoughts.

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