episode 17

200 Millions Dollars From Webinars and Counting Meet Fernando Cruz the Inventor of Meganar


Jeremy is back with his second season of Secrets of Marketers! To kick off the new year Jeremy interviews Fernando Cruz, Serial Entrepreneur, one of the Partners at Legacy Research and the Inventor of the Meganar, the $200 million webinar.Fernando and Jeremy breakdown the power of webinars, how best to position your webinar, how to use a webinar to generate more revenue for your business, why it’s so important to have the “big idea”, and much more! Listen to this episode to learn the secret sauce that Fernando uses to generate over $200 million in sales and get ready to learn real tactics and strategies marketers are using to grow their business.

Links Mentioned on the Show:

Secrets of Marketers Instagram

Fernando Cruz’s Instagram

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Fernando give more background into what he does (2:10)
  • Jeremy and Fernando discuss webinars and how many 7 figure webinars he’s been a part of (5:35)
  • How Meganars came to be (7:10)
  • “What are the performance metrics between small and large webinars?” (9:59)
  • Fernando goes into the secret to holding a successful webinar (13:27)
  • Jeremy touches on Fernando’s positive reputation (15:20)
  • Jeremy asks Fernando how they get their big ideas (16:27)
    • How the topic picking process is done (17:35)
  • How to be egoless and keeping numbers at scale (21:30)
  • A tip from Fernando on what you should be doing (23:00)
    • Relying on others and not vanity metrics (26:10)
  • Taking advice from the correct marketers (27:53)
    • Fernando mentions what it takes to be successful (30:02)
  • “What are the most important parts of a webinar?” (32:55)
    • Hype vs. a lie (35:20)
    • A copyrights answer (36:40)
  • Jeremy mention having a big idea around a product (37:55)
    • Regenerative use (39:05)
    • Conviction (42:17)
  • Fernando explains how he gets inspired (46:16)
  • Parting Thought
    • How to reach Fernando

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