episode 18

The Big Tech War with Rich Schefren


Tune in to this week’s episode with Jeremy and Rich Schefren. Rich Schefren is a CEO, Visionary, Coach, Award-Winning Author, and entrepreneur with an education in accountancy and strategic planning. He has a proven track record of business development and marketing excellence. Working as both an Internet marketer, and a consultant to Internet marketers has enabled Rich Schefren to identify all of the problems those who wish to market on-line face. There is much that current and aspiring business owners and marketers may learn from Rich Schefren’s examples, and wisdom. He delivers a lot of invaluable information, and his talks have helped build the careers of many online marketing gurus out there today! Jeremy and Rich breakdown the difficulties of entrepreneurship, why building a business around who you are is a key to success, and Rich shares his background of how he got into marketing and where he’s at today. You don’t want to miss this episode!

Links Mentioned on the Show:

Secrets of Marketers Instagram

Richard’s LinkedIn 

Internet Business Manifesto

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Rich and Jeremy talk about who Rich is and what he does (1:05)
  • Rich discusses how he gained skills in storytelling (2:59)
    • Jeremy mentions how Rich is very focused (4:45)
    • Rich describes his journey with ADD (6:00)
  • Jeremy and Rich talk about the stats from his Internet Manifesto (9:45)
  • Rich talks about embracing yourself as who you are (11:20)
    • Designing businesses based on who you want to be vs. who you are (12:05)
  • Jeremy asks how Rich got into marketing and if he enjoyed it when he was younger (15:00)
  • People aren’t aware of their problems (22:05)
  • Rich touches more on consciousness (23:00)
  • Jeremy explains how getting closer to the problem can help (24:00)
  • Jeremy asks if having many different experiences helps with his empathy (25:06)
  • “Did you follow a certain format when you sat down to write the manifesto?” (26:30)
    • Little things to make business easier (29:00)
  • Rich describes what he tells marketers when helping them grow (31:00)
  • Jeremy asks Rich what he is excited about for 2020 (33:28)
    • How big tech is taking over (35:25)
  • 24hr live stream on strategies and tips to thrive (39:09)
  • Small business competing with large tech (40:30)
    • Amazon as a major force (43:03)
  • Big Idea motion (43:50)
  • Downloading data to compensate for losing accounts (45:20)
  • Why some direct response companies grow more than others (46:10)
  • “What do you do to get inspired?” (50:15)
  • Parting thoughts
    • How to reach Rich
    • richard@schefren.com

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