episode 16

Ryan Chapman – The Power of Text Messaging


Ryan Chapman is the YetiText Founder and has spent the last decade working on how to use messaging to build a connection with folks with whom you want to be doing business. With the help of his team, they’ve been making it possible for any business to adjust their approach to communicating and connecting with contacts to capture leads, convert them to customers and build relationships that create profit jumps that benefit everyone.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Ryan talks about how he got into public direct response and his background (1:22)
  • Jeremy mentions how he felt when he thought of his first business idea (6:02)
  • Ryan talks about his business in 2006 when he started his business (8:25)
    • Know how you’re going to sell when doing lead generation (11:50)
  • Jeremy and Ryan discuss what was missing in the market at the time (13:30)
  • Creating companies from previous concepts (16:00)
  • Ryan and Jeremy talk more about using texting as a marketing tool (17:28)
    • Jeremy mention how everyone open text messages (18:50)
    • Starting conversations to obtain sales (21:10)
    • Texting using direct response (21:52)
    • Condense the sales cycle and starting conversations (24:07)
  • Jeremy talks about how to implement text message marketing (24:45)
  • Ryan discusses a pitfall for marketers (25:45)
  • Sending questions to learn more (27:00)
  • Jeremy explains more about bring sales questions to marketing (29:20)
  • Ryan describes sending out surveys via text message (32:00)
  • Jeremy talks about awareness vs. attraction (35:30)
    • Ryan describes consultative sales (37:00)
  • Knowing what you have to do to compete can be a huge problem (39:25)
  • Selling by phone with IOS 13 (42:10)
    • How to get people to add you to their contact book (44:30)
  • “What can fixture funnel do?” (46:29)
    • Jeremy talks about what he likes about Ryan’s funnel (51:00)
  • Jeremy talks about how you can grow without increasing budget (52:30)
  • Jeremy asks Ryan what he does to get inspired (57:12)
  • Parting thoughts
    • How to reach Ryan 
    • Text LEARN to (949) 835-5400

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