episode 25

Channeling Strategy and Partnerships to go from Startup to Multi-Billion Dollar Business


Jeremy interviews Arthur Levy in this week’s episode, an Inside look at Performance Marketing. Arthur Levy is the VP of Business Development at Brex where he is in charge of channel strategy and partnerships. In the past 18 months, Brex has brokered key partnerships with blue-chip Partners including YC, Amazon Web Services, JetBlue, Zoom, Trinet, First Republic Bank, Slack, Apple and Netsuite. Partnerships now drive close to 40% of Brex’s new revenue each month. Arthur started his career at Centerview Partners in tech investment banking, and has spent the last ten years operating and investing.

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Episode Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Art introduces himself and gives more insight into Brex (1:53)
  • Art explains more about the original idea behind Brex (4:26)
  • Jeremy and Art discuss the differences between the old banking system and Brex (9:11)
  • Art talks about partnerships and how they got their foot in the door (13:24)
  • Jeremy gives his insight on the Brex marketing strategy (17:33)
  • Art and Jeremy discuss more in depth how Brex strategized their marketing campaign (19:50)
  • Art shares what the next stages and where Brex is going (23:42)
  • How to find the correct audience to market your company to (27:35)
  • How do we get to the customer at the right time? (29:57)
  • Jeremy asks what Art does to sit down with the big executives (31:11)
  • Jeremy mentions common mistakes with marketers (37:07)
  • Art explains how important credibility is (39:30)
  • Jeremy asks Art how he stays inspired (41:05)
  • Jeremy mentions Strikepoint core values (42:26)
  • How to reach Art (43:00)
  • Parting Thoughts

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