episode 07

Joe Schriefer – On Direct Response Copywriting and “The Big Idea”


Jeremy interviews Joe Schriefer. Joe’s currently the Publisher for Agora Financial – the world’s largest independent financial research newsletter publisher in the world. During his 17 years, he’s failed at just about everything in publishing – he’s written sales letters that didn’t work, hired the wrong people, waited too long to fire the bad people, did poorly designed business deals that were bound for failure from the start, and on and on. But it’s through this constant failure that he’s learned the hard lessons… and eventually succeeded.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction and what to expect in the episode
  • Joe shares more about his background and Agora Financial (3:05)
  • Jeremy and Joe discuss what Joe’s learned through his experience (6:28)
  • “How do you define a good big idea vs. a bad big idea?” (12:19)
    • “What is a big idea?” (13:55)
  • Joe explains what he does when someone has an idea he isn’t fond of (18:05)
  • Jeremy gives in sight on the “ego-less marketer” (20:56)
  • Joe talks about how he gets inspired (22:00)
  • Jeremy describes his view on being inspired in marketing (29:11)
  • Joe tells a story about Jim Rickards (30:55)
  • Parting thoughts
    • How to reach Joe (37:00)

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