episode 24

Inside Look at Performance Marketing with Steve Hartmann


Jeremy interviews Steve Hartmann in this week’s episode, an Inside look at Performance Marketing for a Fortune 100 Company with a $100million + Budget. Steve Hartmann is the Head of Integrated Marketing for Experian’s direct to consumer business where he is responsible for the management of all paid media channels and partnerships. The current focus of Experian’s consumer strategy is the revolutionary Experian Boost product that launched in 2019 with an expansive cross-channel marketing strategy. With almost 20 years of marketing experience, Steve has a broad-reaching marketing background with an emphasis on customer acquisition, media strategy and brand marketing. Prior to Experian, Steve ran successful marketing teams at several digital businesses including eHarmony, GameFly and HelloTech.

Links Mentioned on the Show:

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Steve talks about his experience in the marketing industry (1:37)
  • Jeremy asks Steve about strategies used in Gamefly and Experian (4:25)
  • Steve explains difference between marketing at startups vs large corporations (5:05)
  • Steve talks about issues he faces running a huge budget (7:46)
  • Jeremy mentions trouble with tracking in regards to podcasts and other channels (9:27)
  • Steve what they’re looking for with their marketing strategies (10:51)
  • “What gets a 200 million dollar ad spender excited?” (15:47)
  • Steve and Jeremy discuss the switch from under engineering to over engineering campaigns (18:15)
  • Talk about creative assets (20:43)
  • Jeremy asks about what is and isn’t working in terms of channels (21:48)
  • Steve and Jeremy comment on Safari and Google’s announcements on moving third party pixels (24:13)
  • Jeremy asks what Experian is doing to change marketing during global pandemic and other events of 2020 (29:06)
  • Jeremy touches on the importance of joining the conversation (31:51)
  • Jeremy asks how do you get inspired or stay inspired in your work (34:40)
  • Last thoughts and how to connect with Steve (38:00)

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