episode 09

Erin Gargan King – On Digital Persuasion


Erin Gargan King knows how challenging it is for sales, marketing and event professionals to attract attention and communicate persuasively in today’s congested online world. Erin sold her first two companies, Jump Digital Media and PMS.com (featured in Forbes) before the age of 30. In 2010, she launched Socialite Agency, an award-winning social media marketing firm. Erin and Jeremy dive into how digital persuasion is personal, how to get your customer to say yes, what the pub method is and much much more!

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Erin Gargan King’s Instagram

Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace

Budweiser 2019 Father’s Day Commercial

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • What Erin has been up to recently (1:22)
  • Jeremy asks Erin what the number one piece of advice she gives to people (2:20)
  • Erin mentions some of the tricks she has to get into the communication mindset (6:03)
    • What you can ask yourself before writing (7:51)
  • Jeremy and Erin discuss the line between personal and business lives (12:19)
    • Tips on bringing people into your personal lives (16:08)
  • Jeremy and Erin talk about bringing what we do in person to our online presence (19:00)
  • “Where is social media going?”(20:05)
    • Reposting micro-influencers (22:00)
    • Where people start digital journey together (23:06)
    • Live videos on instagram (25:35)
  • Jeremy summarizes what Erin states on social media (28:44)
  • Erin talks about recording meetings and using these clips on social media (30:25)
  • Erin talks about what inspires her when it comes to digital marketing (31:52)
  • How to win an autographed copy of Erin’s book “Digital Persuasion” (33:30)
  • Parting thoughts
    • How to reach Erin

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