episode 19

Sell, Sell, Sell!


In this week’s episode, Jeremy manifests what it is that all marketers are really doing on a day-to-day basis and that is selling! Jeremy reveals how he’s built his company, Strikepoint Media to become a $14 million business with spending no money on advertising in just 6 years. Jeremy dives into why his absolute complete obsession with sales has helped his company grow. Tune in to hear how Jeremy has used sales to overcome some of the biggest obstacles that Strikepoint has faced as a business and to hear Jeremy’s secret sauce on selling, selling, selling!

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Finding new tools online (1:20)
  • Jeremy gives more insight on his background (2:25)
  • “How did you grow so fast?” (3:40)
  • How sales helped us overcome struggles (5:15)
    • There have been bad decisions as well (5:50)
  • Missing American Express payments (7:00)
  • Jeremy talks about his turning point call with his mentor (9:30)
  • Within 2 years they were out of debt solely based on sales (11:00)
  • Total focus in ethical sales (11:50)
    • Pick up the phone (12:20)
  • The more sales the better you will do (12:45)
  • Use big companies such as Coca-cola as your guideline to get large (13:40)
  • Playing a business vs. being a business (15:30)
  • Marketing is selling (16:45)
  • How to take a no successfully (17:44)
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses (19:40)
  • Learn more about the future place for companies and show them that they can do better (21:00)
  • Jeremy talks about getting real with yourself (23:00)
  • Recap of how strikepoint grew from rent money to a 14 million dollar business (24:20)
  • Parting Thought

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