episode 20

The Art of Persuasive Emails


Tune in this week to listen to Jeremy & Itay dive into the importance of keeping both loyal and potential clients engaged through emails, how deliverability has improved during the course of this process, and other topics that will improve your overall email strategy for all campaigns! Itay Bengal is a direct response copywriter, previous agency owner, and funnel designer. Itay recently moved from Austin, TX to the Orange County, CA area to join Strikepoint Media as SPM’s Senior Marketing Strategist. He works hands-on with clients to improve conversions throughout their funnels by focusing on micro-optimizations and benefit-based storytelling.

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Itay gives  background on who he is and what he does (1:35)
  • “How do you approach copywriting?” (2:10)
  • Jeremy and Itay talk about questions Itay asks when customers come to him (3:45)
    • What problem and who does it solve for? (4:30)
    • What is the benefit?
    • What does it not do?
    • What assets exist?
    • Why are you doing this?
    • What makes you different from your competition?
    • Why should a client want to hear from you?
    • Etc. 
  • Itay talks about learning more about the person and weaving that into the copy (6:00)
    • Turn mistakes into a lesson and people will listen (7:20)
  • “What happens when you get stumped?” (7:51)
    • Why Itay gets stuck (8:50)
    • Inspiration notepad (9:37)
  • Itay explains his thought process when writing involving the big idea (10:45)
    • Emails (11:45)
  • Jeremy touches more on email lists (12:45)
  • “What is your flow for putting together an email?” (14:00)
    • Leap-year example (15:35)
  • Jeremy talks about one of his favorite examples in email (16:50)
  • More about the leap-year example on action taking (17:35)
    • Keep giving them value even if they are not ready (19:40)
  • Different types of emails (20:30)
    • Photo blog emaple (21:35)
  • Itay talks about how many emails are too much (23:17)
    • All about imprints (23:57)
    • The sweet spot (25:50)
    • Segmenting (26:20)
    • Ask people how many emails you should send out (27:15)
  • Stats you should know about email and social media (29:20)


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